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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Taking Energy Drinks

Wonder why some of the good things come along with a price? Energy drinks just as the name suggests give a robust feel of energy. Their advertisements will show how fast a weak soul jumps up and down with untold strength. Energy drinks are beverages enhanced with caffeine and or other ingredients.

If you are a die-hard for energy drinks and still care about your body, worry no more! Here is a list to keep you on the energized side while still having a healthy body. Peek at these ten Dos’ and Dont’s anytime you reach out for your monster can at the store.


Check to determine the amount of caffeine in your energy drink. Considering the amount, make a decision to remove other caffeinated drinks from your diet or add some of them.

Read the label you never know the newest ingredient in it could be causing your indigestion.

Consult your doctor when you introduce your body to a new energy drink

Brush your teeth after enjoying your energy drink or else you will suffer from dental damage. How do you ask? It occurs that the ingredients in energy drinks amount to the high acidity of the content. This acidic drink slowly erodes your white, healthy enamel to that brown-teeth smile you don’t want to have!

Always opt for energy drinks packed in smaller cans to prevent your consumption from skyrocketing to excessive amounts of caffeine.

Monitor your energy drink intake level so as to escape the instance of addiction.

Enquire from your doctor about the health of your heart before introducing energy drinks into your diet. 

Maintain the amount of caffeine you consume daily so as to prevent frequent headaches and migraines.

Keep your consumption steady so as to avert any incoming addiction.


Return that energy drink without the indicated amount of caffeine/or you will be welling up in tons of them

Do not combine energy drinks with alcohol, or else you will fall into the trap of binge drinking/unknown excessive consumption of alcohol. dehydration will find a home in you.

Do not drink an energy drink before your workout/increase in blood pressure/overstimulation of heart and nerves

Do not keep that energy drink in your shopping basket if it has illegible warnings or partially hidden text. What you do not know is often something that can kill you.

Keep away from energy drinks without the label of ingredients in 100ml or 100gm.

Do not take energy drinks every single waking day, rather drink up one can when you need an energy and alertness boost during those extra hours of meeting a deadline.

Do not consume more than one can at set meal time, keep away from 400ml mega-cans to reduce the chances of doing otherwise.

Do not replace energy drinks for your nutrient supplements or main balanced meal. They are meant to boost your energy when it's depreciating but not act as the major source of nutrients.

Do not consume energy drinks before a sort-timed workout. Instead, consume your monster drink when you are preparing for a strenuous exercise.

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