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Toxicity Of Energy Drinks

As you enjoy your energy boosting Monster or Red bull, beware of these side effects. The safest thing to do is to consult with your physician before you add that energy drink to your diet.

1. Cardiac Arrest

 This condition manifests mostly in energy drink consumers with fundamental heart conditions. Take a moment and find out the condition of your heart’s health when you are a first-time energy drink consumer. Research has it that energy drinks cause stronger heart contractions which could trigger a cardiac arrest. 

High Blood Pressure

Energy drinks contain a major ingredient caffeine which can raise the blood pressure of individuals. Persons with pre-existing high blood pressure are at higher risk when on short-time and high-level consumption of energy drinks. Compared to other caffeinated drinks, energy drinks are number one on raising blood pressure. This is because the ingredients are combined, hence increasing the effect. 


Excessive consumption of energy drinks can make you throw up all the Red Bull that you drank. Other than that, your body becomes dehydrated because of the minimum water in it. 


You consume energy drinks in order to stay awake during tasking moments, but they could keep you awake even when you need to sleep. You could miss sleep if you abused energy drinks. This insomniac condition can impair one’s stamina and alertness.

Drug Assimilation Interruption

The body can be denied the opportunity to assimilate prescribed drugs when they are consumed together with energy drinks. 


These affect people differently because they occur specifically to persons allergic to the contents of an energy drink. Common allergic reactions may include difficulty to breathe or itchiness.

 Migraines and Headaches

These spark from excessive consumption of energy drinks. They are mostly a sign of addiction to energy drinks when the body lacks the caffeine that is was frequently filled with. Maintain the amount of caffeine you consume daily so as to prevent frequent headaches and migraines.


Frequent consumers of energy drinks are prone to get hooked on them. The caffeine in the drinks causes side effects when one withdraws willingly or by just forgetting. Lacking literally impairs some people from functioning normally. They could experience stress, migraines, fatigue, and sluggishness.  


Look out as you enjoy your Rockstar Energy Drink. Research has it that it may elevate the levels of secretion of the stress hormone norepinephrine. 


Frequent consumption of energy drinks could end up corroding your enamel.This effect can be accelerated by not brushing your teeth. Other than that, your esophagus could be eroded too.

Increased Anxiety

This is a symptom that is commonly experienced by persons with adenosine receptor genetic variations in their DNA. Excessive consumption can elevate the effect to a panic onset.

 Diabetes (type 2)

This condition manifests because of the high level of sugar in energy drinks. The sugar overload can be overwhelming for the hormone insulin which converts it stored sugar. Inability to cope with high sugar levels will eventually cause Diabetes type 2.

 Vitamin B3 overdose

Energy drinks contain the ingredient Vitamin B3, but its levels could get to toxicity when consumed in addition to taking   Vitamin B3 supplements. People exposed to this situation could suffer itchiness, dizziness, heart racing, gout or throwing up.

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