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What Is In That Energy Drink?

When you take that Red Bull or Monster energy drink, do you care to know what it is that you are consuming? Or do you just guggle it down and enjoy the fleeting feeling of energy? As a consumer of energy boosters, here are the top 5 ingredients commonly mixed to make a thrilling energy drink. 


Caffeine is a major energy ingredient because it acts as a stimulant. It is not only used in energy drinks but is also found in tea and coffee in different amounts. Popular soft drinks also contain caffeine as a major ingredient. The stimulating effect of caffeine occurs primarily in the brain section called the Central Nervous System. It is filled with a fleeting feeling of being alert and focused.

The health sector advises people to adhere to caffeine consumption of 400 milligrams. Exceeding this level could result in headaches, high blood pressure or anxiety.


 Guarana has been used long before the century of energy drinks. It was utilized for its benefits of energy boosting and attentiveness. Moreover, guarana is made up theophylline and theobromine compounds. In comparison to the famous caffeine, guarana has been praised for being a better stimulator and providing effective stamina. Depending on your body and its characteristic health, you may have different effects on consuming guarana that your best friend. Most of the time, caffeine addicts do not feel the better stimulatory effect of guarana.


Ginseng is added to energy drinks at an approximate amount of 200mg per can. It is famously known for its ancient use as a medicinal herb. It boosts the body’s energy when one is feeling weary. have some anti-fatigue properties. Apart from that, it has been recommended as a memory enhancer and stress reliever.

B Vitamins

 There are contradictory conclusions about B vitamins ability to bring about an energy boost. Again, it depends on your body’s ability to assimilate the vitamins and translate the effect. B vitamins occur in foods. Most of the meals we consume are full of B vitamins. These vitamins play a huge role in providing energy for our daily body needs. They take part in the critical process of breaking down ingested food to energy. Energy drinks mostly contain vitamins B6 and B12.In the presence of food, these vitamins help with its conversion to energy which is needed by a fatigued body.


 This is an amino acid which is secreted by the human body naturally. Energy drinks are enhanced with a form of taurine that is artificially made. Taurine is beneficial in that it raises your energy levels to suit your needs, adjusts your muscle movements as well as your heart pace. 

Taurine has been often linked to inhibiting senses flowing to the brain when it is stimulated. Hence, even when the body is fatigued, an individual can focus on tasks without feeling worn out. stimulants. It is an important amino acid which enhances a weak heart rhythm, improves oxygenation of blood, curbs cholesterol levels from getting abnormally high and improves blood flow.


No one would miss this for the sweet taste in energy drinks. Not only does it make the drink sweet to consume but also gives an energy boost. Processed sugar is broken down easily to produce energy.

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