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What You Don’t Know About Energy Drinks

Enjoying that Red Bull in the afternoon may not be a happy ending in the long run. Energy drinks act as energy enhancers for our bodies when the weariness is just too much. These drinks are made up of caffeine majorly, complemented ginseng, sugar, guarana, and taurine. Energy drinks deliver results by effective weight loss, enhanced athletic productivity, and energy source for various tasks.

The bad news is, continuous and excessive intake of energy drinks comes along with serious risks. Moreover, replacing main meals with energy drinks is a grave mistake. The energy drink will make you crash afterward after the effect diminishes.

Associated Risks

Emotional Risks

Your energy drink could influence your moods negatively such that you become a blown balloon that can burst at the slightest prick. Moreover, your emotional health is adversely affected since you may suffer from nervousness, quick exasperation and uneasiness. Severe effects tend to manifest in form of intense emotional outbursts on energy drink consumption. Crashing occurs when the effect of the energy drink wears off. Depressed and anxious persons are easily affected by such conditions.

Physical Risks

These risks are brought about by excessive consumption of energy drinks. Persons with pre-existing conditions are usually at the paramount level of getting affected. Serious dependency on energy drinks also exposes individual to dire risks. Energy drinks can cause irregular heart rhythms, high blood pressure, and racing heart beats.

The caffeine level combined with other ingredients in energy drinks may bring about dehydration when the body is physically active. Consumption in excessive amounts has been related to chest pains, heart attacks, seizures, chest pain, and death.

Alcohol Related Risks

The latest trend in America is mixing alcohol with energy drinks. Young adults easily get hooked into doing this during parties and hangouts. What the young people do not recognize is that enhanced alcohol tolerance only kills their bodies slowly. This style of energy drinks consumption is dangerous and a gateway to alcohol poisoning. The harder it takes to get drunk, the harder it is to recognize when the limit of safe drinking is exceeded. The drinks stimulate their brain not to feel drowsiness and other alcohol side effects. Their judgment becomes weak hence the risk for accidents and injuries. Furthermore, alcohol aggravates heart defects and irritability side effects caused by energy drinks.

 Reasoning and Sleep Problems

The stimulants in energy drinks especially caffeine may eventually affect energy drink diehards. These have been seen through impaired focus and poor decision making. In addition, some addicts have been reported to suffer from obscured thinking. Research has it that caffeine provides temporary stimulating effects. It cannot replace the impact that enough sleep has on the body. In addition, Americans who regularly consume energy drinks and other caffeine-filled drinks have a 50% percent likelihood to suffer from insomnia.

Now that you know what your favorite energy drink can do, be proactive. Enjoy your Monster or Red Bull responsibly. Remember too much of something is poisonous. Maintain your caffeine levels in a normal range.

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