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Why Energy Drinks Are Good for Us

Are you a fan of energy drinks and need consolation of using them? Do you want to start taking part in using them? Well, there are a number of benefits one gets from taking part in this consumption. Energy drinks business is one of the thriving businesses in many countries.

•    It makes you alert and alive thus increasing your productivity. This is mostly taken by students (burning the midnight oil I hear), housewives (most tiresome job in the world) and any other category of people who need to stretch their bodies to do extra work that their normal bodies can’t take in and do it perfectly. 

•    They play a good part in controlling amounts of caffeine taken. How? By using the chart that shows the standardized amounts of each ingredient in the can.

•     I am still yet to hear a hot energy drink. Before that happens, energy drinks are normally cold slightly or way below room temperature which makes them easy to consume. The faster you take the product the faster it enters the bloodstream thus producing energy. You most definitely don’t want to compare it with sipping hot coffee.

•     It comes with various flavors especially for people like me who don’t like the kind of taste coffee has. This makes them compatible with more peoples’ tongue by being tastier.

•    Apart from making the drink nutritious, these additional vitamins B’s makes the caffeine to have long term effects on the body. 

•    The work of energy drinks it to refresh us to which cannot be applied to hot coffee drinks which worst still are normally served with milk. This makes the consumer enjoy the drink especially after loads of work. 

•    They save time. Imagine when you want some caffeine in your system and for that, you have to brew it first or any other kind of preparation. Thing is, it cannot be taken directly from the store like the energy drinks which are convenient.

•    They are more affordable than quality coffee.

•    There is an option of zero calories drinks. This is preferred compared to black coffee which has no taste making one tempted to add more calories in form of milk, sugar and even butter and cream.

•    The vitamins in them are water soluble thus faster excretion of the same. 

•    They can be used as alternative home detergents like washing the toilets.

Talking of vitamins, the individual ingredients and their benefits in regards to the body are as follows.

•    Ginseng is believed to increase athletic performance, improve mood and immune system

•    Taurine causes good brain development and helps in regulating water and mineral salts.

•    Vitamin B12 keeps red blood cells healthy and regulates the nervous system, cardiovascular and immune systems by improving mood, fighting heart diseases and cancer respectively. 

•    Niacin helps relieve arthritis pains and lowers blood lipids

•    Pantothenic acid deals with allergies, stress, anxiety and skin disorders

•    Riboflavin treats muscles cramps and blood disorders

•    Carbohydrates in the energy drinks help replenish energy stores.

•    Sodium in the drinks helps to replace electrolytes lost while sweating

•    Carbs have fibers which cause gastrointestinal stress thus making sugar useful because they are easily digested.

Cautions to be taken when consuming the drinks is by taking water with them and take the caffeine in low amounts.

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