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Is It Safe To Mix Caffeine And Alcohol?

Taken too much of alcohol and you don’t like the feeling of being drunk?  Or maybe you don’t want someone to know you drunk, or you want to spend more time on the dance floor even after getting tied? You decide to take some caffeinated drink or worst still a mug of coffee to make you lively again. You are feeling lively again and you keep on drinking since you are not feeling too drunk. Probable morning effects will be a greater hangover than you have ever experienced before.

These two have counteracting effects. Caffeine is a stimulant while alcohol is a depressant. This places a lot of stress on the body due to the antagonizing effects on the body. Normally when one takes alcohol and feels drowsy, they will not consider taking more of it. But when the drowsiness doesn’t come, the urge of taking more alcohol will still be there. By the time you are realizing you had too much to drink, it will be too late to do anything about it. The alcoholic drinks are to be taken in moderation in the case of heavy drinkers. Taking with caffeine will not do you good. This will make you even worse than a habitual drunkard.

A mask only conceals what’s underneath but doesn’t rub off what is underneath. When the time comes for the underneath to be revealed, it will still be the same look it was supposed to have. In this case, the mask is caffeine while the one underneath is alcohol. When caffeine wears off, the effects of alcohol start to be dominant. The effect of caffeine on the body lasts for six hours while the alcohol is still in the body.

Both of these products are dehydrators which cause a severe hangover feeling in the morning. Apart from the alcohol hangovers, there are additional caffeine hangovers. Caffeine found mostly in energy drinks is deleterious when mixed with an alcoholic drink. 

Caffeine makes people lack sleep and keep them awake for long hours. Worse still is when you get very few hours of sleep hence prolonging your hangover into fatigue, migraines, and lack of stamina. You might get some few hours of sleep and in the middle of the night and then wake up suddenly due to the rebounding energizing from the mixture of a stimulant and an anti-depressant. 

That thought of negating the effects of alcohol is a bad idea. The effects will only last for some hours and make you feel good since you have accomplished what you wanted but you will the time doesn’t go past it. The effects will be grosser and you might blame it on the alcohol. Well, is you should blame it on the cup of coffee or can of Red Bull you mixed with your favorite alcohol.

Eventually, this binge drinking lands you in more trouble than you anticipated while you were having fun. Take care of your body as you have fun. Enjoy your Monster Energy drink separately with that Johnnie Walker.

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