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Appropriate Age To Take Energy Drinks

The minute you take in caffeine in fluid form, you have exposed yourself to a number of dangerous diseases. You might defend yourself by saying you are controlling it. Or your papa is still taking it at his old age and still looks pretty healthy to you, but what about the kids who cannot reach to that kind of thinking you were blessed with. Prevention is always better than cure. So, it’s better going for the option of not allowing them not to take it

There is always an explanation needed by most of the kids. This has always been a challenge to parents on how to go about explaining some things to these inquisitive kids. Challenge is when you want to be safe and that does not occur to them. 

Caffeine is good for the elderly since it slows down aging. This prevents inflammation or decreases its levels. As one ages, inflammation increases normally. Most of the diseases that affect human beings are inflammation related. The inflammation becomes less controllable at old age. Chronic diseases are also driven by inflammation.

Caffeine is effective in limiting untimed naps, especially during the day. Having a good night’s sleep is important for both young and elderly. It allows one to wake up recharged for the next day. If one feels sleepy during the day they should pause and take a cup of coffee or a can of Red Bull. This makes them mentally sharp in the end. But they should avoid caffeine in the evening so as to have an uninterrupted night sleep. 

Children should not be allowed to have energy drinks because they have little impulse control compared to adults. Since they need lots of energy to run around the house and rearrange their toys, give them fresh fruits and blend fresh juices and smoothies for them. Do not forget to include plenty of water in their diet to keep them hydrated. If you allow your children to have energy drinks, the bad news is the caffeine and sugar could be the reason of anxiety, irritability, and disorders. Caffeine also causes lack of sleep in children which is harmful to the development of their brain.

Energy drinks contain sweeteners or soluble sugar in high amounts which are harmful to everyone but riskier to children. Protect your children from caffeine limitations because their knowledge of their side effects is not clear. When having an allergic reaction or irregular heart rhythm, they would not know that it may be linked to caffeine consumption. Moreover, all ages are at risk of caffeine’s negative side effects and their fragile bodies would not withstand any major health defect.

Children have smaller body masses compared to adults. Caffeine hence affects their bodies adversely and rapidly. This is because their body’s framework has a small surface area. Less body weight translates to less tolerance of side effects and health complications. In addition, the body of a child has a system that is more active and thus the transfer of this foreign toxins is quicker compared to an adult. Apart from that children may not be fully aware of the issues surrounding energy drinks.

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