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Are You Addicted To Energy Drinks?

Yes, energy drinks can make a person to be hooked into their ingredients. The major ingredient that makes consumers to be addicted is caffeine. This is because it is a stimulant that affects the brain reception of fatigue. You may not know that you are addicted to energy drinks until that afternoon you experience a migraine after missing your Red Bull can over lunch hour.

When your body is used to caffeine and you suddenly deny it, it complains in form of recurrent headaches. Severe addicts suffer from the following withdrawal symptoms; restlessness, vomiting, irregular heart rhythm, nausea, irritability, abdominal pain, insomnia, anxiety, tremors and ulcers.

Caffeine occurs naturally in tea and coffee, is it really a big deal when one is addicted to caffeine?

For all its worth, better to be safe than sorry and as we all know too much of something becomes poisonous. Assess yourself and find out if you are a caffeine addict and more so the one in energy drinks. Tea and coffee may have caffeine naturally but energy drinks have caffeine laced with other ingredients perceived as energy boosters.

 If caffeine is interrupting your daily life routine then bad news is you are a caffeine addict. It’s never too late to regulate the amount you ingest every day, one step at a time. Keep away from, overspending on caffeinated energy drinks or replacing with important meals; replacing quality uninterrupted sleep with several cups of coffee when meeting a deadline and consuming excessive amounts of caffeine.

Caffeine addiction may also be cut shot involuntarily when it affects your health. Many caffeine lovers have ended their hobby suddenly when they experienced a heart defect or an allergic reaction. However, some caffeine addicts confess that they feel good when they tend to their addiction with more caffeine. Many have confessed to increasing their functionality while enjoying their energy drinks. 

Rate your caffeine addiction level with the following questions:

Do your caffeinated energy drinks amount exceed the amount of water and health drinks?

What is your daily caffeine consumption level? Consider energy drinks, coffee, tea and cocoa.

Do you replace sleep with uncountable numbers of drinks filled with caffeine?

Is the minimum count of your energy drink 3 cans or 5 cups of coffee?

When you miss taking caffeine at your normal time, do you experience recurrent headaches or migraines?

When you cannot access an energy drink or a caffeinated drink, do you opt for caffeine pills?

If you miss your afternoon Red Bull drink or morning caffeine, do you get easily irritated?

Does your expenditure on caffeinated products go beyond 25 dollars weekly?

If you answered most of these questions with the top three Yes answers, you are addicted to caffeine and may fall into the trap of making billions for Monster Energy and Red Bull.

The process of quitting caffeine is a huge struggle. However, it can be overcome slowly not by sudden cold turkey withdrawal but in measured baby steps. Work on the consumption level of your caffeine daily so as to lessen the effects of the withdrawal side effects. 

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