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Did You Know Of Red Bull Chicken Wings?

I was astonished like you are when I discovered that energy drinks could be used to make chicken wings! Oh, my favorite of cherished animal proteins. If you love Red Bull energy drink and enjoy chicken wings, you are at the right place. Instead of enjoying them differently, why don’t you mix them up and enjoy? 

Imagine savoring that juicy chicken wing laced with your favorite caffeinated drink. Good news is, you don’t have to imagine it anymore. You can actually prepare it and taste it. You only need 5 ingredients and boom, you’re’ done. Just like the way the red bull gives you an energy boost at your hour of need.

Indulge yourself in this Red Bull glazed chicken wing recipe and create a magical experience. Red-Bull Glazed Chicken Wings.


a)    1 Red Bull can of 250mL

b)    15 chicken wings

c)    3 cloves garlic

d)    2 large chili peppers

e)    3 tablespoon soy sauce

Preparation time is only 7 minutes

Time taken to cook is averagely 30 minutes. This makes the total time for preparation and cooking 37-45 minutes depending on the chef in charge. The method of serving 15 chicken wings is easy and one that can be done by absolutely anyone.


1) Heat your frying pan, add the chicken wings and cook until they are brown on low-medium heat.

Take care not to burn the wings with a lot of heat. Cook the inside of the meat before allowing the outside to brown.

2) Let the wings cook fully and then transfer them to a sauce pan.

3) Into the sauce pan add Red Bull, chili pepper, and garlic.

4) Boil.

Renown chefs advise that minced garlic can be used instead of cloves of garlic. Moreover, chili powder can replace chili pepper. 

5) Whereas the food comes to boil, add soy to the mixture in order to add taste. 

6)Let the mixture simmer for twenty-five minutes.

7) Remove chicken wings. 

8) season with cube shaped pineapple chunks to add vitamin nutrients and some sweetness. 

9) Serve while hot.

And when the wings are too small to get your body caffeinated enough, why don’t you try preparing a red bull steak?


This meal comes with a lot of benefits like an effective power breakfast, a unique flavored meal and one that promotes muscle growth. 

The total preparation time is 2 hours.


1 can of Red Bull Energy Drink, 8-oz

3 table spoon salt-free steak seasoning

1 fat-free beef gravy can,10-oz

4 boneless strip steaks which are trimmed of fat

1 can of sliced mushrooms that is 4-oz and well drained.


1. Mix the Red Bull and 1 Table spoon of the steak seasoning in a food bag.

2. Sink in the steaks into the bagged mixture, seal it and refrigerate for 2 hours. 

3. Fire up your grill to heat that is medium-high.

4. Remove the steaks from the bag and sprinkle 1 1/2 Table spoon of the steak seasoning over the steaks. 

5. Get rid of the marinade. 

6. Grill the steaks for 5 minutes on each side.

7. Mix the gravy in a microwave-safe bowl, add the mushrooms and the remaining 1/2 Tablespoon of steak seasoning. 

8. Stir once or twice while the food gets hot.

9. Serve with the steak.

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