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Do Energy Drinks Cause Belly Fat?

Every woman wants that beautiful figure which comprises of the top and bottom parts being conspicuous while the middle is out of the way. Let me rephrase that: a small middle compared to the rest. Not everyone has those curves genes and cannot be controlled unless artificially (which I strongly advise against) but that belly fat, you definitely have full control of it.

Men are not left out either. Packs are cute but if you aren’t blessed you don’t have to replace that with a one pack containing fat instead of muscles. You definitely need to take care of that. Speaking of which, let’s see if the energy drinks you take affect your belly fat in any way by talking about their main components effects.

Short-term effects

•    Caffeine is a fat burner- On absorption to the blood; it stimulates the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline. This flight hormone makes more metabolisms to take place. This means stored fatty acids become useful and are thus liberated from their stores resulting to extra loss of calories than someone who hasn’t taken caffeinated drinks. Looks like good news to me at this point, don’t you think so?

•    Caffeine is diuretic in nature- water is one of the main components that contribute to body weight. I guess you have come across some methods of losing belly fat concentrate on removing water by putting ridiculous plastic bags around the middle and it mysteriously reduces. Well, it’s this water that contributes to a bigger waist line which has actually been lost. Caffeine does the same magic at the onset though not productive in the long run.

•    Caffeine as a non-appetizer- it is able to make one lose appetite of food which means more calories and consequently more fat. 

•    Green tea is good at reducing weight. It has a component that activates genes responsible for burning fat.

Long term effects

Back to reality people! 

•    Caffeine- Adrenaline increases the amount of cortisol circulating the body which in return causes more storage of fat around the middle.

•    Calories- this is the reason they are called energy drinks in the first place. If a lot, where do you think they go? To be deposited as fat and the most common storage site is the abdomen.

•    Sugar content/ high fructose corn syrup will spike sugar levels which in return will be reduced at a high rate depriving your energy. This will cause an increase in appetite. Insulin spike causes more fat deposition. Sugar-free drinks are good alternatives. 

•    Artificial sweeteners make people eat more. I know, I mentioned about losing appetite with caffeine, but unfortunately, it is only applicable to the without the artificial sweeteners. The more you eat the more calories which need more storage in form of fat. It doesn’t have to be fatty foods, even a simple piece of banana you consider healthy has more calories and you don’t want to keep on eating it unnecessary.

It’s your choice now. If you really don’t want that belly you better stick to ‘no energy drinks’ slogan.

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