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Effects Of Energy Drinks On The Hair

You have a lot of drinks in the fridge and you have no idea what to do with them after making a decision on not taking them due to a convincing health message. Do you have a desire to improve your hair? Well, let’s put this drinks to work.

Softens hair- it helps with texture improvement. Makes it more manageable and gives a natural sheen.

Darken gray hairs- what really bring this gray hair at an early age? Whatever the reason is, there is a simple solution to work it out naturally. Apply the natural drink you love so much and they will most definitely darken and bring the young look again. It might give some orange hue on it which you might like or not.

Destroy natural hair color- for colored hair naturally; you might reconsider taking caution while using these caffeinated drinks on your hair because they might be darkened and you lose that beautiful color like the blonde.

Treat male baldness pattern- you probably found yourself in a family where your male generation always get bald at a certain age or you had it when still you and you don’t like it, there is a natural solution. It’s not a prank because this condition medically known as androgenetic alopecia has been researched on by dermatologists in vitro. It shows that caffeine is able to inhibit the action of the hormone dihydrotestosterone that is responsible for the hair loss in males. Caffeine causes the cells to produce ATP (energy molecule)  that causes the follicle in its growing active phase to continue to grow instead of shrinking.

Lengthens hair- you probably have been struggling to have long hair but it is not growing according to you. Well, there are many factors like breakage but a shorter hair growth cycle factors in. This is why people say ‘she has genes for long hair’. Well, this reason can be broken. This is brought about by an increase in vitality (hair growth cycle) by a big percentage leading to more length made per cycle. 

Stops hair loss-Caffeine contains antioxidants thus repairing damaged hair. 

Too much of everything is poisonous!

Apart from the adverse effects of taking excess caffeine on our health, it also causes the hair to slow down its growth that you wanted to fasten so badly.  It also hastens hair loss in some cases.

How to use

The application is done especially after washing hair; Pour your drink on the hair and letting it sit for a while so that it can be absorbed by the skin into the blood. It is better after washing because the pores have opened.

In case you are wondering why people haven’t used this good knowledge to add to hair products like shampoo, it has been done. Unfortunately, they become less effective probably because they don’t get to absorb into the pores well. You might think it gave the same effects simply because caffeinated hair products give the hair the fuller and thicker hair appearance; this baldness is called androgenetic alopecia.

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