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Energy Drinks And Drug Abuse

Did you know that energy drinks can make you a drug abuser?

PROOF-Research has actually that cocaine abuse can be influenced by daily consumption of your favorite energy drink. You might be drinking up that chilled Monster to enhance your stamina and attentiveness, manage your excess pounds, boost your energy or improve IQ. The bad thing is it could be performing all the universally-envied roles that it advertises but leaves out the side effects.

HOW-Caffeine is the basic ingredient in energy drinks that serves the body with an energy boost. This famous ingredient not only occurs in energy drinks but also tea and coffee. However, caffeine is not an energy source of the body. What makes you feel energized is the fact that your receptors that conduct fatigue are obstructed to sense. Hence, your brain cannot process that you are feeling worn out.


Daily Caffeine Consumption    200 daily   



160 in 16 ounces can   



80 in 8 ounces can  



COMPARISON-From the table, it can be clearly seen that a consumer of Monster energy drink would be at high risk to go beyond the optimum level of caffeine consumed daily. One energy can might never be enough to satisfy you. In addition, your lunch, brunch and dinner meals may have other caffeinated drinks beside the energy drink you consume between major meals. This would peak your caffeine levels unnoticeably.

STATISTICS-Parties are the greatest venue for caffeine overdose, a fact that is overly ignored. Young adults and teenagers fall into the trap when they over drink even before 3 hours are over. Needless to say, these party-lovers may unknowingly be filling their bodies with hundreds of caffeine milligrams at once.

HOW -Energy drink overdose is linked to drug abuse(cocaine) because addicts are predisposed to a false feeling of their side effects like “energized”. This state may not be long-lasting and hence a craving for a permanent solution. Something that keeps you stimulated throughout and keep you alert for abnormal hours. This is where cocaine comes in since it promotes bodily activity physiologically and mentally.

 Abuse of drugs under influence of energy drinks mostly occurs when they are mixed with alcohol. Most people mix them with hard alcohol to come up with Vodka and Red bull drinks. Alcohol drowsiness is counterbalanced by the caffeine in the energy. This enables people to continue drinking past their normal limit thereby causing alcohol poisoning.

Furthermore, excessive drunkenness poses a channel for drug abuse other than that of cocaine. Researchers have discovered that many cocaine users have had a history of being addicted to energy drinks. Energy drinks such as Red Bull has been identified as an energy drink that could get young people hooked to cocaine. A study was conducted and reported that young people from the age of 20 to 25 who were die-hards of energy drinks with concentrated caffeine ranked amongst the top list on the use of cocaine. This was linked to the large amounts sugar and caffeine that they consumed every day.

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