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Energy Drinks Work On The Skin

Largest organ it is. A biology class will make you aware of that. As you take care of your body, the skin is the most important part to take care of at first. When one is sick, the part that shows it the most is the skin. Have you ever seen someone probably suffering from some sickness that has nothing to do with the skin but sickness is still written all over the face despite the amount of makeup applied? Well, whatever happens to your body such a good diet reflects back to the skin not the size; now you know where to look at when trying to gauge if kids are healthy. Back to energy drinks. As habitually mentioned, caffeine is one of the main components of energy drinks but sugar has been known to cause more of less the same end effects on the skin like caffeine.

Caffeine-what happens when this drink enters your stomach? Since its fluid in nature, the absorption is quick and enters the blood stream which goes to various part of the body including the brain. This causes adrenaline to be released which in turn causes the cortisol hormone to be released. Adrenaline raises blood pressure and one of the ways it achieves that is by constricting blood vessels. This causes less fluid to flow through the skin thus fewer nutrients provided to the skin. Cortisol as a stress hormone mobilizes sugar causing a sugar spike. Dehydration leads to dry skin which makes wrinkles and lines which more predominant around the eyes. The eyes have thin skin thus mostly affected with things like dark circles and sunken sockets are due to collagen digestion.

Sugar- Another ingredient yet a culprit is sugar which causes an insulin spike which as a result causes inflammation. The whole body system is programmed with the production of enzymes which break down elastin and collagen proteins. The sugar also attaches on to the collagen. It affects water binding and increases oil production; hence an increased activity of oil glands.  This makes the skin sallow and lackluster. It weakens the immune system making it hard to fight bacteria in the pores which cause lesions. It stimulates the production of testosterone which makes the pores bigger and hardens the blood vessels. Insulin resistance may cause excess hair growth and dark patches on the skin. This is caused by the spiking and the crashing of sugar levels.

Artificial sweeteners and coloring increase toxins and acidity which have deleterious effects on the skin.

Electrolytes-Sodium in excess leads to bad skin due to dehydration of the skin which causes breakouts.

This dryness of skin, clogging an oil production leads to a number of end results such as skin lesions, wrinkles, redness, rosacea, Dull dark dehydrated circles, Skin slushing, Dry skin, Rashness, Redness, itching and (most common of all) acne. Try not consuming your favorite drink for just one week and you will be amazed by how different your face will look. You might end up doing away with makeup.

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