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Energy Drinks Use In Cooking

Seriously cooking? How is that even possible, well it is very possible. Energy drinks are now being used in making great recipes. Chefs worldwide have gone beyond the grown food flavors and seasonings. These energy drinks are not only your favorite Red Bull or Monster drink but even much more such as Lucozade, Mountain dew, Pepsi, Rockstar, Relentless and Sainsbury's. Some are used in baking cakes for the purpose of preservation and in making cupcakes and chicken recipes.

Try your favorite meal with any energy drink of your taste from this assorted recipe. Explore your cooking skills and kitchen tolerance with enhanced sautés and sauces. 

Rockstar Glazed Ribs

Make your pork ribs rock your stomach with goodness combined with an energy booster. You have a 100 % guarantee of being sweet and will naturally woo the taste buds of your guests. Moreover, for once you will have grilled food that glitters.

Red Bull Bacon

Whose breakfast would even lack bacon? And there are just those coffee addicts who hold a coffee mug in one hand as they are raking the fridge for some bacon. Get adventurous by combining your caffeine with the good morning meal; the bacon. Try enjoying them while combined as they still end up meeting in the stomach eventually. Get some Red Bull to sturdy up your bacon. Instead of adding the sweet powder famously indicated in the recipes, add a can of Red Bull to create the ultimate power breakfast. 

Monster Mango Chicken Wings

This will make a mixture sweet and spicy which is irresistible. Add that one can of monster energy drink to your chicken wings for an experience you will live to tell. Moreover, you can surprise your guests with a unique taste of glazed meat for that family dinner.

Red Bull Velvet Cupcakes

Keep your guests a little anxious for dessert and see them eat it like a main dish. Make your valentine-colored cupcakes unique by adding a taste that is so good yet cannot be described in words. When you use Red Bull, keep the sour cream away from the ingredients since the energy drink will bring in flavor. Add the Red Bull to the dry ingredients of your cake in order to achieve a fizzy reaction. Alternatively, pour the energy drink into the frosting for a mysterious taste of your cupcakes to keep the bakery line always full.

Energized Sausages

Add the once-in -a -lifetime taste to your breakfast sausages by cooking them in your preferred energy drink. Enjoy the sweet and spicy flavor that is to die for. Into your sauce pan add some amount of energy drink. Then add your sausages and let them simmer the energy into their existing flavor. 

Red Bull Onion Rings

Get a break from your normal beer-battered onion rings. Stay sober the next day at work by replacing the beer ingredient with a little Red Bull. It will give your taste buds a story to tell as you get a break from alcohol flavored foods.

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