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Workouts And Energy

Do you look for an energy drink before you dash to the gym or go for your morning jog? Or are you the type who looks for your Monster energy when you are back, tired and sweaty from your workout? Should you take your favorite energy drink as you work out? In most cases, no. For instance, working out for a short period of time does not require energy drinks. If you are working out in order to lose weight, stay away from energy drinks otherwise you will be losing calories as you add more. They will dehydrate you thus making you have less energy to workout. However, long and strenuous workouts for sports need energy drinks to replenish the energy that has already been used up. Carbs are the best energy boosters because they are broken down easily.

Workouts need fuel for your body to go the extra mile of pulling and pushing your muscles. Energy drinks will not give you a long lasting boost hence try healthy eating.Find out what you should eat before and after a workout to give you the energy boost that you need.

Before You Work Out

Scientists advise that you should eat a few hours before your workout and not 20 minutes as you rush to prepare for the gym. Basic nutrients of your before workout meal should be made up of proteins and carbohydrates. Eating before you work out helps you in muscle-building as it gives you the fuel to stretch.

Try out these snacks to fuel your pre-workout period;

•    Yogurt mixed with some granola

•    Oatmeal with berries.

•    Boiled eggs.

•    Slices of apples laced with peanut butter.

•    Biscuits 

•    A cupful of strawberries

•    Cheese 

•    A couple of nuts 

•    Some light tuna.

•    Fruit mixed protein shake

Give your body a good energy boost with these full meals:

•    Black beans coupled with some quinoa.

•    Whole grain toast seasoned with scrambled eggs.

•    A delicacy of shrimp and whole grain pasta.

•    Vegetable and bean soup.

•    Steamed broccoli and baked chicken breast.

•    Whole grain toast buttered up with banana and peanut butter.

    Brown rice with wild some salmon.

For the early risers who move from kicking their blankets to running in the park, a meal would not do for you. You don’t want a sudden stitch before you cover the set miles for your workout. You could do with a small, healthy snack that is easily digestible. Grab some apple slices or a handful of strawberries. A banana could also work well in giving you a little boost. Point is, make sure your snack is rich in carbohydrates and vitamins. Fruits contain both and hence are highly recommended.

After You Work Out.

The goal of eating after a workout is to replenish the used up energy in your workout. You do not want to feel drained even before midday. Ingest your food after working out before one hour is over. These foods should be protein and carbohydrate rich since you used up those stores when you were exercising.

Reward your body with these:

•    Whole-wheat bread sandwich topped with turkey.

•    Apple cheese crackers.

•    Hummus Arab dip.

•    Chocolate milk.

•    Hard-boiled egg on whole-wheat toast.

•    Celery with peanut butter.

Do not forget about water.

Make it a habit to stay hydrated before, during, and after your work out. Leave the energy drinks out of the picture and fill your body with plain water. A sports drink with electrolytes would be best to drink if you are exercising in hot environs.

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